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How It Began

Growing up on a farm and working with Mother Nature has always been my passion. Nothing smells better than the scent of fresh turned soil, mown hay or grass. Operating equipment also peaks my interest; looking back at the end of the day to see all that I’ve accomplish is very rewarding. After selling my landscape and arborist companies, Bellinger’s, I knew that I couldn’t just stop doing the things that I love.

Over the 40 years of collecting waste debris that a landscape and tree company can generate, it only made sense that I could recycle this material which would be good for the environment as well as satisfy my two passions, the smell of soil and operating fun equipment.

With the support of my wife, Robin, this marked the beginning of R & R Topsoil, a subsidiary of Randy & Robin, LLC.

About the Owner

Randy's Bio

Randy Bellinger

Randy is the Founder and Co-Owner of R & R Topsoil, a division of Randy and Robin LLC. Randy has an Associates Degree in Golf Course Management from Danville Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Turf Grass Science from Purdue University.

Randy co-founded Bellinger’s Professional Grounds Maintenance in 1978 and expanded the business from maintaining commercial and residential lawns to landscape design and build projects, aquatics, irrigation, tree consulting, and tree health care services, including transplanting trees. In 2000, Randy fulfilled a life time dream by working with Hale Irwin to design and build Coyote Crossing Golf Course located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Upon the sale of Bellinger’s Professional Grounds Maintenance and Bellinger’s Tree Care, LLC in 2018, Randy and his wife, Robin, established R&R Topsoil with a mission to produce a high-quality compost topsoil to serve the greater Lafayette area.



Screened High Compost Topsoil

$40.00/cu yd
1 cu yd = 1,740 lbs

Nutrient Enhanced High Compost Topsoil(Nutrient enhanced with chicken manure)

$47.00/cu yd
1 cu yd = 1,740 lbs

Compost(Leaves & livestock manure)

$50.00/cu yd

Enhanced Compost(Leaves, livestock & chicken manure)

$52.00/cu yd

Delivery truck capacity 13 cu yds = 11.3 tons
Within 25 miles of R&R Topsoil $75.00
Within 26-50 miles of R&R Topsoil $105.00
Over 50 miles of R&R Topsoil Ask For Quote

Customers are welcome to pick up at R&R Topsoil site. Please contact Randy at 765-404-2937 to make arrangements.

How Much Do You Need?

Topsoil Calculator

Use the following calculator to find how much topsoil you will need for your project.

Cubic Yards

Results are approximated to the nearest 1/100th cubic yard. We recommend rounding the result up to make sure you have the required amount for your project.

Creating the Product

The Story of the Soil

We are creating a high compost, screened topsoil by using a combination of wood waste, leaves, green matter, and livestock manure. After creating 4’ high windrows of this combination, we mix the materials together with a machine called a compost turner. Once the mixing process is complete, the rows start generating heat caused by microbial action which breaks down the compost, turning it into soil. The heat not only breaks down the compost, but also heats it up enough to kill the majority of weed seed that may be hiding within the compost. Monitoring the temperatures of the compost is very important. Temperatures between 100-140 degrees is the optimal range for microbial action. Once temperatures exceed 140 degrees, we turn the piles to release the carbon dioxide, increase oxygen, and cool down the windrows. If the compost gets above 140 degrees, it may kill off the microbes and slow down the degrading process. We continually monitor the temperatures with 4’ temperature probes.

Once the heat in the windrows has subsided, it indicates that the composted soil is ready for screening. We process the composed soil through a screening machine called a trommel. The topsoil then travels up a 50’ conveyor that transports the soil inside a 50’ by 84’ building so that we always have dry soil available for our clients.

This whole process takes several months to occur depending on the blend and size of the materials. Any materials that have not broken down in this process are separated when traveling through the trommel. The waste material is then returned to a new windrow for further decomposition.

Educational Tours

1st Photo: 5th grade class from Cole Elementary School learning about the benefits of composting.
2nd Photo: 5th grade class from Cole Elementary School learning about the benefits of composting.
5th grade class from Cole Elementary School learning about the benefits of composting.

If you would like to arrange a group tour at the site, please call Randy at 765-404-2937.

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We're located on a 32 acre tract of land off of Old Romney Road between Old and New 231 S on Veteran’s Memorial Highway (350 S).